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The subject of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the standard of activities of executive authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation on provision of favorable investment climate in the region, should have the Council for improvement of investment climate which will operate on the regular basis. The Council is a public advisory coordination body. The subject of the Russian Federation chooses the name of the Council.

The Council for improvement of investment climate in Murmansk Region is a public advisory coordination body operating on the regular basis, which is to promote creation of favorable conditions for attracting investments into the economy of Murmansk Region, increasing the activity of Russian and foreign investors in Murmansk Region.

The Council’s functions are the following:

  • developing recommendations for arranging interaction between executive authorities of Murmansk Region, territorial federal executive authorities in Murmansk Region and persons participating in the investment process;
  • developing recommendations for reducing administrative barriers, including what concerns reducing terms and simplifying the procedure of issuance of various permits;
  • developing proposals for priority directions of development of Murmansk Region and focusing of financial and investment resources on the most important directions;
  • examination of the draft investment strategy of Murmansk Region. Analysis of the process and results of implementation of the investment strategy of Murmansk Region, preparation and examination of proposals concerning amending it;
  • contributing to creation of the required conditions for rational placement of production forces in the territory of Murmansk Region;
  • developing recommendations for state support of investment processes and stimulation of investment activity in the territory of Murmansk Region;
  • development of uniform requirements to main criteria of investment projects financed with the regional budgetary means;
  • examination of results of implementation of investment projects, including non-implemented and unsuccessful ones, analysis of reasons of failures in their implementation;
  • approval of the draft plan for creation of capital facilities and facilities of the required transport, social, energy and other infrastructure in Murmansk Region, as well as regulation of its amendment with consideration for the needs of investment projects;
  • examination of regular reports of the body authorized for assessment of the regulatory effect of adopted legal acts or those in the process of adoption, which concern business activities.

The Council includes:

  • Chairman – Governor of Murmansk Region;
  • deputies Chairman of the Council;
  • Secretary–general of the Council;
  • Members of the Council.

Members of the Council are representatives of executive public authorities of Murmansk Region, territorial departments of federal executive authorities, local administration bodies of Murmansk Region, as well as representatives of enterprises, organizations, establishments that conduct investment activities in the territory of Murmansk Region. The members of the Council are chosen according to proposals of enterprises, organizations and establishments and approved by the Government of Murmansk Region.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

+7 (8152) 486-201


12.09.2019 15:04

All-Russian contest "Top 100 best engineers of Russia"

At the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum the All-Russian contest "TOP 100 best Russian engineers in the oil-and-gas extraction industry" will be held in the September 18-19, 2019.
12.09.2019 15:02

Murmansk region will present PPP projects for investors in Moscow

An July 12 at the site of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs located at Moscow, Kotelnichesky Embankment, 17, there will be presentation of infrastructural projects of the Murmansk region, which implementation is planned with the use of private-public partnership mechanisms.
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