Investment declaration

The investment policy statement establishes principles of interaction of public authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation with entities of business and investment activities. These principles determine the essence and content of activities of public authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation.

These principles include:

  • equality – non-discriminatory approach to all entities of business and investment activities within the framework of the pre-determined public system of priorities;
  • involvement – participation of entities of business and investment activities in the process of taking state decisions and assessment of their implementation;
  • transparency – common access to documented information of public authorities (excluding that related to the limited list of categories of secret information);
  • best practices – orientation of administrative procedures and regulation at the best practices of interaction between subjects of RF with entities of business and investment activities with regard to interests of entities of business and investment activities.

According to the investment policy statement of Murmansk Region approved by the order of Governor of Murmansk Region of April 4, 2013 N 56-ПГ, the Government of Murmansk Region guarantees, to equal degree, to Russian and foreign investors:

  • protection of investments, rights and interests;
  • openness and availability of information required for conducting investment activities;
  • transparency and openness of the procedure of taking decisions related to providing state support to investment activities;
  • non-disclosure of proprietary information and other confidential information provided by investors;
  • non-implementation, in respect of investors, of additional encumbrances with financial obligations non-related to implementation of investment projects and non-established by the existing legislature;
  • freedom of competition.
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Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

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08.11.2019 16:48

On the XII international conference "Composite materials: production, application, market trends”

November 22, 2018 in Moscow, as part of the implementation of the main event“ Development of the production of composite materials (composites) and products from them” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness” commissioned and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Union of Composites Manufacturers holds the 12th International Conference“ Composite Materials: production, application, market trends. ”
24.10.2019 16:53

November 12, 2018 in Moscow will host World Entrepreneurship Week

From November 12 to 18, the 11th World Entrepreneurship Week (hereinafter- GNP) will be held, which takes place annually in the third week of November in 170 countries of the world.
In Russia, GNP was launched in 2007 on the initiative of "the Center for Entrepreneurship", and for the 7th year has passed with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
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