Small business support remains at full effect

10.02.2015 04:46

Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk region are provided with all types of assistance ensured by the legislation of the Russian Federation: information, property and financial. Financial support is more popular among entrepreneurs. As it was in the last year, beginning entrepreneurs can receive grant in amount of 300 to 900 thousand RUB to start their own business. Credit and lease agreements interest rates to be subsidized and 50% of the first payment to be refunded under the lease agreement for the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to receive up to 600 thousand RUB under different types of agreements (credit and lease). Two types of microloans could be provided for business development: - for beginning entrepreneurs in the amount of up to 500 thous. RUB at 9% per annum;- for active entrepreneurs in the amount of up to 1 mln. RUB at 10% per annum.To increase access to the financial resources loan agreement guaranties are provided as well. The size of the guaranty of one agreement is up to 5 mln. RUB. Comprehensive assistance is offered to the innovators of the Murmansk region: training, grants to business start and development (in the amount of up to 500 thous. RUB), as well as office premises on the grounds of the Murmansk innovation business-incubator. Beginning from 2014 a new form of state assistance have been introduced: subsidies to the enterprises focused on addressing social challenges. Organizations that provide employment for persons with disabilities and persons released from prison, receive subsidies in the amount of 600 thous. RUB. Also, in 2014 for the first time in our region financial support was provided for small and medium business to refund costs related with so called “Northern appreciation” at production of goods, works and services in the territory of the Murmansk region. The amount of the subsidy is up to 200 thous. RUB. Concerning the property support the beginning entrepreneur can become business-incubator resident on the grounds of the city of Murmansk and the town of Apatity. The status of the business-incubator resident allows doing significant savings on office premises rent, its remodeling, equipment purchasing, on communication means and internet access.  In addition, the Resident can make free use of services of accountant, professionals in business planning, advertisement and marketing. Besides obvious advantages the Resident status provides with opportunities of free participation at sectoral exhibitions led in and out of the region. Information and consulting support is no less important for entrepreneurs. The figures here speak for themselves: 484 people completed training courses “Beginning entrepreneur” in 2014, 363 entrepreneurs made use of financial assistance and 54 – of marketing assistance at the Business Support Center in 2014. Besides that, federal program on promoting youth entrepreneurship “Entrepreneur You” is being implemented in the Murmansk region. The program events are focused on increasing youth activity in the field of entrepreneurship and on involving young people in business activities. At the year-end 2014 over 1400 of young people up to 30 y/o have been involved in the program. 42 people successfully finished the training and developed business-plans. 11 new small business entities have been registered, whose founders are young and ambitious citizens of our region. The volume of financing aimed at small and medium business support in 2015 will remain at full effect of the last year level. For additional information about all type of assistance, please, refer to the website


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The governor of the Murmansk region

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22.06.2017 10:33

Murmansk Region confirms the status of the region with favorable conditions for business development

Today, the Governor Marina Kovtun held a meeting of the Council on improving the investment climate in the Murmansk Region. The Head of the region recalled that in the National Investment Climate Rating for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2016, the Murmansk Region rose by 20 points, improving its position to the 32nd place. For the third consecutive year, the region is included in the third group of regions, confirming the status of the region with favorable conditions for business development.

21.06.2017 10:35

Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk Region holds a meeting with representatives of the business community of municipal entities of the town of Apatity and the town of Kirovsk

On June 23, 2017, in the Kolenergo Central electrical networks (2A Festivalnaya Street, the town of Apatity, the Murmansk Region), the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk Region (Regional Association of Employers) will meet with representatives of the business community of the municipal entities of the town of Apatity and the town of Kirovsk.

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