News Agency “Interfax” offers information and reference support for the monitoring of actual production efficiency

30.12.2014 04:59

News Agency “Interfax” offers information and reference support in monitoring of the actual production efficiency with purpose to facilitate the Russian regions in reducing costs, saving energy and resources.  NA “Interfax” has developed a tool for unbiased assessment of enterprises efficiency by comparing (benchmarketing) the performance indicators with average and best analogies in each industry and by assessing ecological conditions in each municipal entity for all the Russian regions. Up to 2013 these comparisons have been used only to rank energy and ecological efficiency of the regional business (see 2013 rating on ). To manage resource-saving and energy efficiency of the production on the regional level “Interfax” makes comparison  of economic entities efficiency. The reference shall be delivered on free basis within 2 weeks to any enterprise (group of enterprises) that separately or orderly provide necessary information in a standard format (1 page ). The free basis of this service is due to the comparison simplicity and sharing in filling up the unique reference system on the fundamental efficiency of the Russian economy.  For the wide managemental use of assessments of energy and ecological efficiency of the regional business no additional financial costs are required. To pay attention of the business society to the available tool of comparison and/or to include the sectoral efficiency references (benchmarketing) in the list of additional documents in public procurement shall be enough.  


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

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13.03.2018 12:23

The rating of municipalities in the region to promote competition and ensure a favorable investment climate has been formed

The Ministry of industry and enterprise development of the Murmansk region has formed a rating of local governments of municipal districts and urban districts of the Murmansk region in terms of activities to promote competition and provide conditions for a favorable investment climate in 2017.
13.03.2018 12:22

V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held in Moscow from 24 to 27 April

From 24 to 27 April 2018, the V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held at the new technological platform – Digital business space. The event is organized by the national PPP Center and the Foundation "Recongress" with the participation of the relevant Federal ministries and the support of the Сhamber of Commerce and Industry, "Business Russia" and the Strategic Initiatives Agency.
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