Innovation Days were held in the Murmansk region

10.09.2014 04:19

September 3, 2014 first Innovation Days of the Murmansk region were open in the town of Apatity. The three days forum, devoted to the innovation in economy began its work on the basis of the oldest scientific institution of the region: Kola Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.  
The official program of the Days was preceded by the exhibition of the innovation projects, in which framework the forum guests headed by the governor at interim Mrs. Kovtun M. got familiar with proposals of young innovators from Murmansk and Apatity.  Scientists from Kola Scientific Center, residents of regional innovation business-incubator and students of Murmansk State Technical University introduced their ideas and developments.
Among presented projects there were: unmanned aerial vehicle (multicopter) developed by “Arctic Fly” Company, the resident of the business-incubator, allowing to carry out aerial surveys of large-scale events, and objects at the bird's eye view as well. Murmansk State Technical University presented at the exhibition the project on creating wireless nets based on antenna adaptors (wi-fi adaptors), which can be home-made out of  cardboard and cooper wire. Candidate of geological sciences Mr. Kovalevsky Michael presented his device for high-quality diagnostic of products out of natural stone. It allows to carry out measurements in real time and has a very wide range of applications: aeronautics, mining, seismics, construction of buildings and so on.
The working program of the Days was opened by the plenary meeting entitled “Dialogue of science, business and power for purposes of development of innovation potential of the region” that defined primary tasks facing the region and determining innovations development, and addressed challenges of providing enterprises with personnel in view of youth outflow from the Murmansk region.
Mrs.Kovtun M, a governor at interim, noted in her report that opening prospects of the regional development and implementation of large-scale projects of Arctic zone pose before the Murmansk region a challenge of developing a new access to regional economy development, specifically through increasing innovation business activity,  innovations active implementing into the economy, developing competitive personnel training system.
Certainly on the way of innovative development all the participants of the process face a variety of challenges, one of them is keeping young specialists in the North, proving them with conditions for comfortable life and professional growth. Mr. Shishaev Maxim, a Deputy Director of Kola Branch of Petrozavodsk State University, and Mr. Shepel’ Andrey, a Staff Director at JSC “Apatite”, continued the subject of youth and innovations.  
Development of innovation model of the region includes creation of conditions for developing subjects of innovative infrastructure, combining efforts of scientific and educational institutions, business-incubators and innovative enterprises. The following organizations of the infrastructure for innovative enterprises support are developed and successfully work in the Murmansk region: Non-commercial Partnership “Technopark-Apatity” and the regional innovative business-incubator.
State Support of innovative activities is being accomplished in form of providing subsidies and grants to innovative companies.
Another step on the way of innovative development of the region was opening of the territorial  representative office of the Fund for Development Assistance for Small Businesses in Scientific and Technological Activities (Bortnik Fund), that took place in the framework of  Innovation Days. The opening of the Fund representative office will increase accessibility to financial resources and allow the innovators of the Murmansk region to receive federal grants to implement their projects and developments.
Mrs. Mikhaylina E., a representative of the “Skolkovo” Fund and an expert of Intellectual Property Center, expressed her interest in developing cooperation with the Murmansk region and supporting innovative startups. In her report she informed about forms of support, offered by “Skolkovo” Fund to its programs members and that are giving a chance to receive methodological and consulting support, to use Fund’s infrastructure.   
The Innovation Days were followed by master-classes devoted to the issues of management and commercialization of innovation projects led by Mr. Taiger Rustam, Israeli expert in innovations.
At the conclusion of the program of Innovation Day on the 5th of September of 2014there was a strategic session with specialists of the regional business-incubator and representatives of executive bodies of state power of the Murmansk region on creating innovative ecosystem in the region.
Innovation das of the Murmansk region will be an annual platform for cooperation between representatives of scientific and expert community, business and power for working out priorities of innovative development of the region and will be confined to Murmansk business week.  


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The governor of the Murmansk region

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13.03.2018 12:23

The rating of municipalities in the region to promote competition and ensure a favorable investment climate has been formed

The Ministry of industry and enterprise development of the Murmansk region has formed a rating of local governments of municipal districts and urban districts of the Murmansk region in terms of activities to promote competition and provide conditions for a favorable investment climate in 2017.
13.03.2018 12:22

V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held in Moscow from 24 to 27 April

From 24 to 27 April 2018, the V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held at the new technological platform – Digital business space. The event is organized by the national PPP Center and the Foundation "Recongress" with the participation of the relevant Federal ministries and the support of the Сhamber of Commerce and Industry, "Business Russia" and the Strategic Initiatives Agency.
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