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19.06.2017 10:36

Construction of dry docks and jumpers
Kolskaya Verf LLC (Kola Shipyard) (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) informs all interested parties about the open competitive bidding with preliminary qualification (hereinafter referred to as the Bidding) for the construction of dry docks No.1, No.2 and jumpers No.1 and No.2 in the construction site of the "Construction center of large-tonnage offshore structures (CCLOS), with a break-down into two Lots:

Lot No. 1 "Dry dock No.1" (Arrangement of the dock walls, Drainage system, Arrangement of the base, Jumper); Lot No.2 "Dry dock No.2" (Arrangement of the dock walls, Drainage system, Arrangement of the base, Jumper);

The Bidding organizer:  Department of construction and installation works support of Kolskaya Verf LLC, the Head of the Department of construction and installation works Kari Perälä Consultations on technical issues:
Head of the Construction Section of the Department of construction and installation works support Boris Nevstruev

E-mail:, Tel: +7(8152) 998-000, extension telephone number 29-039 Consultations on organizational matters:
Leading specialist of the Bidding Section: Marina Vladimirovna Bugrova E-mail:,Tel: +7(8152) 998-000, extension telephone number 29-085. Persons interested in participating in the Bidding must pass a preliminary qualification, which will be conducted by the Bidding Organizer.
To pass preliminary qualification, interested persons should send a package of prequalification documents (in accordance with the Appendices) to Kolskaya Verf LLC, office 503,Bidding Section, 25 Captain Taran str., Murmansk, by June 22, 2017 17.00 Moscow time. Materials submitted as part of the questionnaire for prequalification are not returned after consideration.
By taking part in the prequalification and Bidding, the interested parties are notified and agree that:
1. They independently bear all costs associated with obtaining prequalification documents, preparing and submitting a questionnaire. The Bidding Organizer and the Customer shall not be responsible and shall not be liable for these costs, and do not reimburse these expenses to the persons who implemented them, regardless of the nature and results of the prequalification and Bidding.
2. The Bidding is not a bidding in the meaning of articles 447-449 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, but is a procedure for collection and consideration of proposals for the supply of goods, the performance of work, and the provision of services received in response to the Customer's invitation to make offers. The Customer has the right, at his own discretion, to invite or not invite persons to take part in the Bidding according to the results of the prequalification procedure. The Bidding Organizer and the Customer shall not be responsible and shall not be liable for damages in connection with absence of the invitation to take part in the Bidding and shall not be obliged to inform about the reasons for their decision. 
3. This invitation for Bidding is not an offer.  The Customer does not bear any obligations for concluding any contracts based on the Bidding results and is not obliged to accept an offer containing the lowest price or any other offer received by the Customer in the Bidding process. The Customer reserves the right to accept any of the proposals received, or not to accept any of them. The execution of actions connected with the delivery / payment of the sum, etc. by the person who has read this invitation, before signing the contract with the Customer, does not create civil rights and obligations for the Customer, but to the full extent is the risk of the person who committed such actions. 
4. In case of revealing unreliable information in the documents submitted by the interested person, as well as inconsistency of the interested person and / or co-executors (subcontractors) contracted by him for the performance of the contract, with the requirements established by the prequalification documents, including submission of documents (letters, applications, etc.), not corresponding to the form established by the Customer, the interested person in respect of whom such facts are revealed is not invited to the Bidding. 
5. The interested person is prohibited to disclose information, the disclosure of which is contrary to federal laws, damages the legitimate commercial interests of the Customer, Applicants and Bidders.
6. The Bidding Organizer and the Customer shall not be responsible and shall not be liable for damages in connection with the refusal to conclude contracts with persons who participated in the preliminary qualification and the Bidding and shall not be obliged to inform about the reasons for such refusal. 
No.1 - Description of works.
No.2 - Location map.
No.3 - Minimum qualification requirements for applicants for participation in the Bidding.
No.4 - Questionnaire.
No.5 - Occupational health and safety forms.
No.6 - Confidentiality agreement.
No.7 - Company assessment matrix for development of detailed design documentation.
No.8 - Company assessment matrix for implementation of construction and assembly operations.
No.9 - Assessment matrix for technical equipment involved in works.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

+7 (8152) 486-201


10.10.2018 10:10

Changes in the tax system

From January 1, 2019, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation come into force, giving employers the right to take into account the costs of tourist vouchers for Russia for employees when calculating income tax.
08.10.2018 10:08

In the Murmansk region completed a comprehensive educational program in the field of PPP for state and municipal employees

n addition, in the course of full-time training modules, the problems of interdepartmental cooperation between state and municipal authorities in initiating and developing projects in the field of PPP were discussed, as well as program participants familiarized themselves with the practical aspects of financial structuring and developing a financial model of the project, features of competitive selection of private partners, post- competitive negotiations, tax and budgetary aspects on the example of concession agreements and PPP agreements. In addition, participants familiarized themselves with the methods of evaluating the effectiveness and justifying the comparative advantage.
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