Another meeting of the Project office was held

13.05.2016 10:14

On May 12, 2016 another meeting of the Project office (organizational staff) was held for monitoring the results of introduction of the Standard for activity of executive authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation for ensuring favorable investment climate in the Murmansk region and implementation of the National rating of investment climate in the Murmansk region (including the implementation of “road maps” on improvement of the investment climate based on the best practices).

The meeting considered the implementation of the three sections of the regional investment Standard: the presence in the Murmansk region of unified regulation of support for investment projects on the principle of “one-stop shop”, adoption of an investment declaration of the region by the Governor of the Murmansk region and the availability of the channel (channels) of direct communication of investors and governance of the Murmansk region for taking decisions arising in the process of investment problems and issues.

Following the discussion, members of the Project office provided recommendations for improving electronic support process for investment projects, as well as it was recommended to bring the issue of promotion of direct communication between investors and governance of the Murmansk region at a meeting of the Expert group.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

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10.10.2018 10:10

Changes in the tax system

From January 1, 2019, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation come into force, giving employers the right to take into account the costs of tourist vouchers for Russia for employees when calculating income tax.
08.10.2018 10:08

In the Murmansk region completed a comprehensive educational program in the field of PPP for state and municipal employees

n addition, in the course of full-time training modules, the problems of interdepartmental cooperation between state and municipal authorities in initiating and developing projects in the field of PPP were discussed, as well as program participants familiarized themselves with the practical aspects of financial structuring and developing a financial model of the project, features of competitive selection of private partners, post- competitive negotiations, tax and budgetary aspects on the example of concession agreements and PPP agreements. In addition, participants familiarized themselves with the methods of evaluating the effectiveness and justifying the comparative advantage.
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