A young innovator from the Murmansk region is “Commercialization guide” program enrollee

06.04.2015 05:41

Grantee of “Umnik” (Clever Fellow) program of Fund for Promotion of Small Businesses Development in the Area of Science and Technology, Bayurova Yulia became an enrollee of specialized international on-line course “Commercialization of Technologies guide”. With her project “Organo-mineral sorbent of non-ferrous metals technology process based on mining waste for discharge and natural water treatment from non-ferrous metals” in 2014 Yulia Bayurova  won grant competition under “Umnik”(Clever Fellow) program, which  allowed her further to participate at the international on-line course, developed by CRDF Global and professors of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The on-line course includes 4 modules on basic stages of commercializing technologies. Each module consists of lectures, vide-presentations, webinars with experts on entrepreneurship and intellectual property. In addition to the on-line modules the enrollees may work in groups and on individual basis with highly qualified mentors of the program, and take part at webinars and on-line meetings with colleagues and experts from Russia and USA as well.  The education is held with the assistance of Fund for Promotion of Small Businesses Development in the Area of Science and Technology for winners of “Umnik” (Clever Fellow) program, and consists of:

1. On-line course where the enrollees may transform their invention in product/service, develop business model, identify potential consumers and funding sources. 2. Three-days intensive training for the best on-line participants only. On the last day of the training enrollees will be able to introduce their ideas to the investors and experts during pitch-contest and receive grant for a trip to USA. 3. Grant for a trip to USA will provide the opportunity for the enrollees to visit best start-up events in Silicon Valley, Boston, New-York and Washington. After successful on-line course graduation Yulia entered the shortlist of enrollees chosen for three-days training which is to be held in Kazan April 21-24 of 2015. Enrollees of the intensive training are provided with a unique opportunity to receive grant for a business trip to USA and for individual mentorship from successful entrepreneurs in running business.

It should be noted that Yulia’s project on processing sorbents for discharge and natural water treatment from non-ferrous metals was qualified for the final of the of the competitive selection of all-Russian start-up round in St. Petersburg, March 25-26 of 2015 and provoked a keen interest from experts during pitch-presentation.

We wish Yulia good luck and success in implementing the project!

For detailed information on the “Commercialization of Technologies guide” program, please, refer to the website: http://www.learn2start.org/

All beginning innovators and young scientist are welcome to take part at the contest for grants within   “Umnik” (Clever Fellow) program. To participate, please, get registration on the website:  http://umnik.fasie.ru/apatity. Competitive selection is carried out by the regional representative of the Fund for Promotion of Small Businesses Development in the Area of Science and Technology in the Murmansk region – Non-commercial Partnership “Technopark-Apatity” Address: 184209, Murmansk region, Apatity, Fersman Str.,14, office 102. Chief manager: Kotelnikov Vladimir Alexandrovich. tel.: +7 (81555) 793-26; +7 (921) 282-97-81.

Beginning and acting innovators of the Murmansk region also have an opportunity to receive financial support in the form of: - grants for beginning innovation companies;- subsidies for innovation companies to develop proposals for venture funds and organizations, financing innovative projects;- subsidies for innovation companies to refund expenses in connection with production (disposal) of good, delivery of works, rendering of services.

For detailed information, please, refer to:

-  GOBU “MRIBI” (State Regional Budgetary Institution “Murmansk Regional Innovative Business-Incubator”) website http://mribi.ru, тел. (815 55) 6-12-35, (815 2)43-29-49;

- The Committee for Development of Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Murmansk region website http://krpp.gov-murman.ru, тел. (8152) 486-253, 486-352;

- Portal of small and medium-sized business of the Murmansk region: http://maloe.gov-murman.ru/ section “Forms and types of support”.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

+7 (8152) 486-201


13.03.2018 12:23

The rating of municipalities in the region to promote competition and ensure a favorable investment climate has been formed

The Ministry of industry and enterprise development of the Murmansk region has formed a rating of local governments of municipal districts and urban districts of the Murmansk region in terms of activities to promote competition and provide conditions for a favorable investment climate in 2017.
13.03.2018 12:22

V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held in Moscow from 24 to 27 April

From 24 to 27 April 2018, the V Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP week" will be held at the new technological platform – Digital business space. The event is organized by the national PPP Center and the Foundation "Recongress" with the participation of the relevant Federal ministries and the support of the Сhamber of Commerce and Industry, "Business Russia" and the Strategic Initiatives Agency.
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