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The governor of Murmansk region Marina Kovtun in January, 2014 started a cycle of working meetings with heads of the ministries and departments of the regional government with questions of investment climate of the region improvement. She instructed the chairman of Committee of industry and business development of Murmansk region - Olga Kuznetsova and, in particular, said: "The main objective for us is to create the conditions inavailable in other regions so the investor will choose Murmansk region for his projects implementation. Pay attention that priority segments of Polar region are port projects, Murmansk transport hub, development of an aquaculture and fishing business».

Transport system

Murmansk transport hub is:

  • Deep-water, incongealable water area protected from disturbance;
  • Free exit to the open ocean, with rather small intensity of navigation;
  • Proximity of the transport hub to the European and American markets;
  • Possibility of international transport corridors use by means of Sevmorput, Trans-Siberian Railway and  North-South transport corridor;
  • Reliable communication of Kola Peninsula railway, automobile, transport with advanced industrial regions of Russia;
  • The port is independent due to absence of the need to pass through the international passages;
  • The port is located in close proximity to perspective oil fields and gas on the Arctic shelf;
  • Depths in Kola Bay allow to serve vessels with a maximum deadweight of 300 thousand tons.

Fishing industry complex

Fishing industry is one of traditional branches of economy of our region and plays an important role in social and economic specialization of the region. It ranks fourth after mining, processing productions and power engineering.

Fishermen of Murmansk region make about 16% of all-Russian fishing-out. In essence, every 7th ton of food fish products in Russian domestic market is made by Murmansk enterprises.

In Murmansk region since 2006 the coastal fish processing and aquaculture are supported by the state including subsidizing of fishery complex organizations of Murmansk region from the regional budget for compensation of a part of expenses for percent on the credits payment, obtained in the Russian credit organizations on purchase of raw materials and auxiliary materials of fish forages, production upgrade, acquisition of the equipment for organizations of coastal fish processing, and also on acquisition of fish breeding material, machines and equipment for industrial fish breeding.

Enterprises of the region annually catch 600-660 thousand tons of water biological resources. The annual volume of fish production fluctuates within 510-580 thousand tons. 60% of produced goods are delivered to domestic market of Russia.

Strategy of social and economic development of Murmansk region for the period up to 2025 assumes complex upgrade of the fishing complex and development of aquaculture sector.

Mining complex

Murmansk region is located on Baltiysk crystalline shield. It is represented by thousands minerals. One and a half hundred of them could not be found anywhere else. The main minerals on the territory of the region: apatite (Hibinsky deposit of apatite - nepheline ores), iron ores (about 10% of the Russian production) Olenegorsky and Kovdor fields. On Kovdor field apatite, zirconium ore (brazilite), mica-phlogopite and vermiculite (the largest world reserves) are also extracted. Cooper-nickel ores of Pechengsky and Monchegorsk group of fields are rich in nickel, copper, a cobalt, platinum, osmium, iridium and other metals.

On the shelf of the Barents Sea oil is extracted. In the same place one of the world's largest gas fields - Shtokmanskoe was found out.

The largest deposits of rare-earth metals in the country are concentrated in Lovozersky field. Huge deposits of aluminum raw materials (cyanite schist in Keivy Ridge), almandite. In Keivy there are deposits of beryllium and lithium ores (about 50% of Russian deposits), rare metals. Muscovite mica, pegmatite are extracted here. There are numerous fields of construction rocks, ornamental and semiprecious stones (amethyst, chrysolite, garnet, moonstone "moonstone",                 amazonite, eudialyte, etc.)


Murmansk region is the territory of boundless wild hills, tundra opened to all winds and dense taiga woods, uncountable rivers and lakes. It is the region with the severe northern character, the territory of inexhaustible miracles of nature and surprising national traditions.

7 reasons to visit Murmansk region:

  • to make journey to the North Pole;
  • to catch a salmon in the Kola rivers;
  • to get inspired by beauty of a severe northern country;
  • to test extreme conditions of Far North;
  • to conquer the Khibini massif;
  • to plunge into life and traditions of small-numbered peoples of the North;
  • to see incomparable miracles of the Polar region.

Statistics of tourism in Murmansk region in 2012:

  • internal tourist's flow – 250 thousand people.
  • inbound tourism – 43,25 thousand people.

The number of tourists visiting Murmansk region is growing steadily.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

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On the XII international conference "Composite materials: production, application, market trends”

November 22, 2018 in Moscow, as part of the implementation of the main event“ Development of the production of composite materials (composites) and products from them” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness” commissioned and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Union of Composites Manufacturers holds the 12th International Conference“ Composite Materials: production, application, market trends. ”
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November 12, 2018 in Moscow will host World Entrepreneurship Week

From November 12 to 18, the 11th World Entrepreneurship Week (hereinafter- GNP) will be held, which takes place annually in the third week of November in 170 countries of the world.
In Russia, GNP was launched in 2007 on the initiative of "the Center for Entrepreneurship", and for the 7th year has passed with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
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