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Murmansk Region is among community focused subjects of the Russian Federation.

The main strategic objective in the sphere of social support of the population is increase of social standards of living of inhabitants of the region.

The region came to an important decision on improvement of social support system of the population. The legislative base develops, material, information and staffing support of social support and social service establishments become stronger.

Today social support is received by every third resident of the region.                 Expenditure obligations in this field increase annually.

57 of 85 state services provided to the population are carried out in the form of social paymentsт.

The system of social support of separate citizens categories is based on two principles:
category approach when the main condition of the right for social support definition is the preferential status, and address approach when providing of help depends on income levels of applicants.

Citizens with the preferential social status are veterans of war, war operations and work, home front workers, disabled people, the Chernobyl veterans, rehabilitated persons, veterans of work of Murmansk Region, etc. Measures of social support are provided to them in the form of monthly and (or) lump monetary payments, and also in the form of the corresponding social services (production and repair of dentures, providing with hearing aids, artificial eye limbs, phonation and prosthetic devices and orthopedic products, preferential journey).

Address approach is carried out at implementation of types of social support focused on the actual level of income, real level of needs and a certain life situation of citizens (address state social help, monthly birth grant, monthly monetary payment to needing families at the birth of the third and subsequent children before achievement of the age of three years by the child, regional social surcharge to pension to unemployed pensioners). Its main objective is improvement of life quality of needy and disabled segments of the population.

Strengthening of address orientation of social support is solved by the conclusion of Social contracts with recipients of monetary payments that gives the chance to a needy family to overcome a difficult life situation with support of authorized services and to return the financial independence.

An important direction of social and demographic policy implementation in the region is support to families with children, including large families. Today a number of measures exists the right for which is defined irrespective of material security of families with children, and depending on level of their income.

The system of social service of the population of Murmansk Region consists of 24 public regional institutions providing the state services in stationary and semi-mobile conditions, and also at home.

6 residential care houses (3 houses boarding schools of the general type, 3 psychoneurological boarding schools) a special house for the lonely aged people provide services in stationary conditions for advanced age citizens and disabled people. Annually about 1700 people receive social services in stationary conditions.

There are 14 complex centers of social service of the population. Services are rendered to elderly citizens, disabled people, citizens in a difficult life situation, to families with children. On the basis of social service centers "Social Taxi", "Mobile Social Crew" operate.

In the region there are 2 specialized institutions for the children in a difficult life situation and a house boarding school for mentally retarded children.

One of priorities of social policy of the region is integration into society for the citizens having disability ensuring. In Murmansk region over 36 thousand disabled people live. For granting additional measures of the state support since 2009 "Available Environment" program measures are implemented, since 2013 full-scale certification of social infrastructure objects and their subsequent adaptation for handicapped groups of the population are carried out.

In our region the size of minimum wage is established by the Agreement on minimum wage in Murmansk Region, concluded between the Government of Murmansk Region, Murmansk regional council of labor unions and regional association of employers "The union of industrialists and businessmen of Murmansk Region".

During 2013, due to joint efforts of social partners, the minimum wage in our region increased three times:

  • from 01.03.2013 – 9590 rubles;
  • from 01.07.2013 – 10165 rubles;
  • from 01.11.2013 – 10730 rubles.

The minimum wage size in Murmansk Region remains the highest among all 11 subjects of the Northwestern federal district and exceeds the federal minimum wage rate (5554 rub) almost twice.

Murmansk region is the first region of Russia where a uniform information system "Electronic Social Register of the Population of Murmansk Region" was created and functions in all establishments of social support of the population.


Marina Kovtun

The governor of the Murmansk region

+7 (8152) 486-201


28.11.2018 08:59

"NWPC" JSC supports the creation of a regional service center in the Murmansk region

Representatives of JSC "SZFK"  took part in a workshop on the establishment of a regional repair service center for mining and concentrating equipment in Kirovsk.  The meeting was headed by the governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun.  Сeation of a regional service center on the territory of Kirovsk is a long overdue question.  The mining companies demand for servicing is growing in the region,  including that resulting from use of new equipment types in connection with the transition to underground mining
10.10.2018 10:10

Changes in the tax system

From January 1, 2019, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation come into force, giving employers the right to take into account the costs of tourist vouchers for Russia for employees when calculating income tax.
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